The Rodent Wars!

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    Jun 7, 2010
    So I was a little soft in the head. I mean one mouse all cute and fluffy, what harm could it do? Right!!!!
    I ask BYC for advice. After all I don’t really want to hurt the wee thing do I???? It's not like its a RAT!!!!!!! Its kind of nice seeing it every morning when I go to let the hens out!!!!!!!
    BYC tells me I just let lose the plague all on my own! [​IMG] ( NO – um – oops?) I mean I am hardly the pied piper - or am I -AHHHHHHHHH Yikes!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    Well that one cute little mouse has turned into an army of rodents overnight !!!!!!!!!!!! I went out to the coop the other morning and there they are in the feeder at least 10 maybe 20 million of them all eating breakfast!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] They look at me like " who the heck are you???" That little cute critter I used to enjoy has turned into an army and multiplying while I watch!!!!! I am of course alarmed at the amount of furry critters eating my chicken food! There's this big fat one looking at me straight on and you can almost imagine it saying " And your gonna do WHAT ?????? "

    Next thing my daughter who is visiting comes screeching from the bathroom. She can’t run very fast as she is 8 months pregnant. I am thinking - has her waters broke do I need towels?????? I am expecting an impending birth any second when she squeals - Its a mouse and it just ran behind the sink!!!!!! That’s it they have actually invaded the fort!!!!!! THIS IS WAR!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    I put my Hen's to bed and grab the cat - who does a great impression of bag puss these days. I hold him tight in my arms and we head down to the coop run. He is not impressed until right in front of us comes a couple of the rodents carrying yet more chicken feed back to their hide out. Now the cat suddenly realizes why he is there and fidgets in my arms so I let him down. He wiggles his bum in enthusiasm and I think good boy go get um. I leave him there and wedge the pen door ajar so he can come out when he is finished. Half an hour later I go to check and he is head down wedged between the fence and feeder trough. Ahhh I think good lad ! 10 mins after that he is at the back door and I let him in. There is no blood on him anywhere???????? I am thinking did you EAT them ALL?????? But no he is hungry and then he flops down on the sofa - ??? I feed you for this Ahhhhhh ???? He gives me one of his looks and turns away flopping down in a more comfortable position! So much for my secret weapon!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This morning I go out to the coop to get the girls up and to my horror there are more mice than the last time and they are all waiting for this idiot to get them breakfast!
    So I shoo them away and think darn useless cat - ! I move the feeder away from the coop and down the other end of the run so those mice have to come right out to get the food and then yeah surely the cat will grab them right! NO- Not a chance!

    Now Gertrude is an odd kind of bird at the best of times and has taken to being a bit Jealous of our Bertha who now has 4 lovely chicks. Gerty has decided today that she too wants babies and so by mid afternoon I was in the hutch trying to get her off the nest. - I upturn the nest box to turf her on the floor and what do I find - Stupid hen is sitting on baby mice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She actually thinks they are chicks and doesn’t even bother moving when they try to hide in her feathers. Then she attacks MEEE !!!! For going after them - Traitor!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    So here I am at the local store and I pick up a pack of those traps - you know those spring loaded ones you see in the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. My head Rooster ha bless is in complete control - HA !!!!!!!! Poor chap seems to have more of the darn things stuck to his fingers than actually bated ready for mice. - Warned my daughter not to go near him as she cant change dippers with broken fingers! She is of course disappointed that she cannot squish the mice!

    The trap having gone off several times prematurely is now set in the bathroom. Well away from cats feet and chickens. We wait eagerly for the reassuring snap. Sure enough we hear it and go rushing to see. But alas the bate is gone but the trap is not sprung! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I could hear the mouse laughing and sniggering under the floorboards with a face full of sausage meat and an old thimble on its head for a helmet!

    We decide to load more traps at once. Again our brave head rooster is seen holding his fingers and hopping painfully round the kitchen. Finally we push two loaded traps under the coop only to discover later that the trap wont actually close as it hits the bottom of the coop and yeah the bate once again is MISSING!!!!!
    Head Rooster has dug himself a trench to wage war from under the coop and now has the clearance for a definite air strike - He says!
    We retreat to the bunker for T and wait!!!!!!!!!!!

    Was that it -? Did we hear it????? - That dull thud - Head Rooster goes to check and brings in the trap and there on the end of it - its nose pinned to the base is THE ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dead, Dead, Dead . We have first blood!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Head Rooster is holding it grimly in his hand, but this time he is saying, " I can’t let them live love I am sorry!!!!!! I know your upset!!!!! (NOT!!!!!) I don’t really want to hurt it you know!!!!!!!!!!! He whimpers ( I want to poke him in the eye!!!!!) Then smiles with glee at the first kill!!!!!!! And so the battle begins - and up to the bathroom to re set the trap he goes and I hear the familiar thud of the trap going down on flesh and Yep there he is jumping up and down holding his fingers – DIE, DIE, DIE he chants as he swings the trap back into action again !!!!!!!!! - Yep we are AT WAR!!!! [​IMG]
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    Feb 8, 2007
    those metal live traps work really well, hold a lot of mice and if you bait it inside with peanut butter you will catch the heck out of the mice. The only thing I do not like about the live traps is that once the mice get in, they get poop and pee all over and then the little ramps to go in do not work as well without a good cleaning.
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    Dec 11, 2009
    Good story! Battle on~!
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    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
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    LMAO you need my barn cat, she delivers mice parts to the front door each morning along with parts of other critters...sometimes recognizable and others not. [​IMG]

    Lock everyone up, grap some of those mice glue strips...line them up all around the feeder...that will get them. Just have plenty on hand because it sounds like you will fill them up quick.

    Good luck with the rodents.
  6. Telamon

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    May 31, 2010
    I have no idea.
    should we go into rat town and ambush them, captian? [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. oesdog

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    Jun 7, 2010
    OOps 2 pronged attack - got busted Rambling ! Didn;t realize there were battle lines in that direction !!!!!!! SORRRRRYYYYYYY I am new!!!!!!

    The battle overnight was hard and long ----

    Rodent wars the first battle.

    Inspired by our first kill. [​IMG] [​IMG] The battle lines were drawn and more ammunition ordered. [​IMG] Some of them were sent to scout Random Ramblings and ran into an ambush and were locked down! Sorry!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The traps were set and re set, fingers bandaged and kissed better!!! Hee Heee [​IMG]
    As dusk came and the sea mist rolled in to the sound of battle drums ( Lambegs in the back field!)
    The troops were ready. Fighting hand to hand inch by inch twitching nose to twitching nose!. [​IMG] – Within the first hour (4) thousand enemy fell by way of the traps which dealt a death blow from the air with cracking precision. [​IMG] Only one injured enemy survived the initial strike ( a miss -fire) and was dispatched immediately with a raft of blows from a useful stone Drumstick ( Another Hen flicked up in our direction!). [​IMG] Still the battle wore on and traps were sprung and set and sprung and set again. Yet still Bathroom mouse had taken the bate time and again without even being seen. [​IMG] We quickly located the breach in the barrack walls.

    The enemy were indeed breaking in and up through the sewer outlet from the bathroom. They followed the down pipe up into the core of our camp, but we were ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Traps set at both ends all we have to do is wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ouch, eek, oops!!!! Their reinforcements arrived and were soon running up and down the length of the coop hollering at their troops to re form. We were on their tails and chasing hard!!!!!!! [​IMG]
    As darkness fell (5) Thousand lay dead on the battle field and our Head Roo was injured, hands a mass of bruised and bloody welts. We are winning and they are at last retreating back.!

    As darkness hit out troops flagged and after some T and Toast decided to break for a nap!
    All traps were set and ready for the night. We had not seen the enemy for at least an hour! [​IMG]
    When suddenly it ran across the landing and down a whole behind the bath! We re filled the empty bathroom trap and went to bed.

    Woke up to the sound of – a click!!!!!!!!!!!
    What was that? – Weapons at the ready we shot out of bed and there it was Bathroom mouse – snout and head firmly crushed to the metal and wooden block. Dead Bathroom mouse was dead!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    Head Roo hurriedly pulled on his feathers! Ha [​IMG] – and ran to check the other traps [​IMG] ( Thought funny how he doesn’t get up with such enthusiasm when our Hens need out????) – Anyhow he races outside and with glee hold up two more dead bodies. First Battle count (10) thousand enemy dead!!! [​IMG]

    It is indeed – A MOUSE A CRE! [​IMG]
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    Wow, blow by blow as exciting as the Reurn of the King (Hobbit). Love to see the video!! I am sitting here:ya breathless.
  9. CMV

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Very stirring tale. Well done. [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]

    I have 3 inside cats that would soon dispatch any mouse brave enough to enter their kingdom! Before we got these 3 girls, we found evidence of mice all the time...none since they joined our household.

    The coop and run are a different story. We will see what we encounter once the girls get moved in. I can hardly wait! [​IMG]

    We had rats in our attic at a previous home...knew they were there because they got to fighting in the wall between the bedroom and bath! I looked out one day and could not figure out what kind of bird was on the bird feeder...I opened the door and a very large rat leaped about 6 feet and took off. Also had baby possums under the house came up a hole next to the a/c pipe. The dog alerted was hissing and growling at the dog. I could not see it so was freaking out as to what the devil was in the vent but my DH was finally able to see the 'monster'. Decided to let it leave the way it came in! I told DH if it got in then a snake or any rodent could, too. Once it vacated DH filled all openings with spray foam!

    Many years ago our old house was not very tight...while I was sitting on the throne in the library one morning early, I had a mouse run between my feet...woke the household with my hollering. One year they got really bad...had one on top of the frig...thought it was a safe place to store things...with rodents there are no safe places!

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