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    Jun 16, 2011
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    was traveling on a busy road on saturday night with my 16 year old daughter. In the road just laying there was a small black and white dog that i mistook for a skunk do to her size and tail poof. Swerved to avoid her and then decided to go back and make sure she was not injured. She ran to our vehicle very excited to have someone stop. It was late at night and did not want to knock on doors in a run down area. She appeared well groomed and well mannered. We took her home for the weekend. posted adds in area neighborhoods, called groomers with descriptions and no one recognized her. Finally exhausted all other ideas and she is being turned over to the local animal control officer. I feel bad for her family I hope they do find her and take her home. If she was my dog I would be upset looking for her. I felt she was better off being plucked out of the road then to leave her there and take the chance she would get hit and left to die.
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    Sounds like you did the right thing. You got her out of a dangerous situation, posted fliers, and are turning her over to the appropriate authorities. If her owners are looking for her, you've set them up for success. If they're not, she sounds like a good adoption prospect.


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