The situation that just won't go away...


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Dec 4, 2011
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Here's the situation: About 2 1/2 months ago I started my new job receptioning at a high-end salon. I had to do a week of training before I could reception by myself. My very first day alone was on a Saturday when there were two huge wedding parties there getting their hair and makeup done. I started at 8:30am and by 10am I wanted to rip my hair out. Then one of the stylists came up and asked me if I could call her next client and move her down an hour because she was extremely behind since all of her previous clients showed up late and didn't want this new client sitting there waiting. I called the woman and told her the stylist was behind and she asked why- I said because her previous appointments were showing up late and there were two wedding parties and we were swamped. I told her we could reschedule for an hour later or for a different day if that didn't work for her. She said it was completely fine and had no problems and I apologized for the inconvenience. Then about two hours later her husband calls the salon. He had me on speaker phone and it was very hard to hear him because it was echoing. I had to ask him to take me off of speaker and he was kind of upset about that. Then he asked if he could return a gift card for cash. I said probably not and asked one of my superiors if we could do that- she said no. I told the man that we couldn't do that and that we have a sign posted on the door and on the front desk saying "no refunds on gift cards". He then told me this "what do you expect me to do with it then, huh? eat it? do you think I'm an idiot or something, because I'm pretty sure you're a f%#!@*& idiot!" At this point I didn't even know what to say to him so I just said "I'm sorry but we just can't do that. it's our policy. I can't change it". He then said that we had no concern for other people's schedules and that we ruined his wife's birthday. I just kept apologizing and told him there was nothing I could do, I was just the receptionist. He then proceeded to say that he owned a very successful construction company and that he was going to ruin our company and tell all of his clients about the terrible business we do. When he said that it really got to me because I had just started working there. I felt like it was my fault, even though I was just the messenger. I called my boss in tears after I got off the phone (and all the stylists told me to) and told her what happened. She went into the caller ID, called the guy, and discussed the incident with him. He claimed he just asked if he could return the gift card and got off the phone and that he was not rude at all. My boss does not get pushed around easily, and she fought back. The guy was super angry then. I was not happy when I found out my boss called and stood up for me- it just made me look worse. It still bothers me every single day what he said. And here's the kicker- my boss was on-line yesterday revising our website and she decided to read reviews about the salon on google, yelp, yahoo, BBB, and a few others. The man that called in that day wrote a terrible review and posted it on every single website you can imagine. I was shocked. He made up even more lies in the review than what he said to my boss! Now my boss is calling the phone company and getting a transcript of the conversation and plans on posting it on every single website that he reviewed on. I don't want her to do this at all. I want this to all go away. I told her this but she said she needed to look out for the company. I just told her to file a report with the websites and have the post taken down. But she's a fighter and won't have any of that. So here goes even more drama in my life that I DON'T need....
Rude, bossy, ignorant people need to be dealt with....
You are the receptionist... you try and do what is right for all parties and follow company policy...
You should not have to put up with ignorant / rude people. (no matter what company they own or how much money they have)

Your boss is the one to do that... or the owner of the business....

Let it go. It is outside of your responsibilities now.
You are very lucky to have an employer who stands up for you and does what is right.
(By the way, he ruined his wife's b-bay, not you!)

Chin up, you did nothing wrong... the fight is the owner/manager's now... stay out of it.
Just my 2cents.
What floors me is the salon made your first day alone at reception a day with two wedding parties booked. Fairly thoughtless of the owner & management, imo!

I'm sorry.
Phone calls are NOT taped or recorded in any way by the phone company. All they can give you is the number & location the call originated from & the length of the call.
Something similar happened to a company I worked for (the bad reviews across the web). The director contacted every website and explained that the situation and all but one website removed the negative review. The only one that didn't was one that was for opinions and said that it was the reviewer's opinion and they couldn't remove it.
It is not your problem.

But...since you know the wife's name...I personally would be curious about the company he owned (and in construction the chances are he is out of business)

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