The Stinker!


Crazy Cochin Lady
8 Years
Jun 27, 2011
Bronson, Tx
I have just learned something new about chickens.

I have a black OEGB that was laying eggs a few days after I brought her home. I just knew it was her because she looked the most mature out of the chickens I bought and the egg was very small so it had to be a bantam. I got about 6 eggs, then we had several chickens die and sold 3 little ones. We seperated the chickens into the new pens because the ones that were dying had some sort of a respiratory problem. So the OEGB hen goes into a new pen with the rest of the OEGBs.

We hadn't gotten any more eggs in probably two weeks. I figured we wouldn't for at least several days since we moved her but I started thinking maybe I was mistaken on who was laying the eggs and it had been one of the ones that died since it had been so long. I was really disapointed.

Then yesterday when we're working on the pen next to the OEGBs I notice the black hen acting really strange. She's running all over the pen, back and forth along the sides, etc. I told Ryan, "Look how strange she's acting!" We watched her a little longer and then I decided maybe she was looking for a place to lay an egg. I didn't have any nest boxes handy since Ryan hadn't made them yet so I started looking around. The only thing I found was a bucket that has one flat side so you can hang it fora horse and it won't tilt funny.

So I put the bucket in the pen, flat side down. Then it hits me I don't even have anything for nesting material. I made due with kickin some dirt and dead grass into the bucket and left the pen.

I watched her a while and nothing but she was very interested in the bucket. They all were really. We finished what we were doing and went back to the house. We came back out just before it got dark to put the ducks up and what do ya know? There's an egg in the bucket!

That little stinker was just being picky! lol. I hate to think how many eggs I missed just because I figure she could lay on the ground somewhere until Ryan got the nest boxes built. lol.

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