The story of a hen


8 Years
Jun 6, 2011
Hugging a Chicken
“I’ll take 6 of the orpingtons.” A man said. I chirped excitedly, eager to be picked up again by the human. Humans almost always have food, and when they pick you up and snuggle with them, it feels like you’re with your mother again. I remember the days with my mom… I snuggled next to my other friends, exploring this small area of shavings and walls. I would always be the first to wander out into the wonderland of shavings, digging and scratching. My siblings would follow, but mother would call us back with a few angry clucks. Pretty soon mom disappeared, and everyday humans would pick us up and give us food. I stopped dreaming of the past and ran to the human’s hand as it extended into the large wood box. It scooped up 3 white orpingtons and 2 white orpingtons. I stood by other chicks whom I didn’t know and jumped up and down, flapping my wings frantically. I hoped he would pick me so I could stay with my family. He reached in again and scooped me up. I peeped excitedly and looked at the man who was taking us home. The man stared at me, then said, “Whats wrong with its eye?” The store owner looked at my eye which was swollen shut and said, “We don’t know, but it doesn’t affect its laying abilities, sir.” “Give me a different one… I don’t want any problems with this batch of chicks. Last time I got a bunch that had mites and worms, so I culled ‘em all, just ‘ta be safe.” He said gruffly. I was put back in the wood cage and another orpington was chosen. I peeped and chirped and tried to fly out, but my wings were to short. He purchased all my siblings, then put them in a box and went out the door. I understood some human language, and I knew “cull” means kill in human language. I quietly heard the car turn on, then drive away.

Let me know if this captured your attention and would be a good start for a book!
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