The Story of Harmony

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8 Years
Nov 13, 2011
Harmony was a speckled brown egg with beauty.
She stayed in our closet inside the egg for a long time. She hatched after three weeks of patience and love, and became a wonderful Chick that would sleep in my shirt and cuddle with me all day long. She was my favorite dream- The best Chicken I had ever met. Nothing could break the love we shared.
She grew fast, feather after feather, pink beak to orange. I thought she would always be that way.
Soon she started to cuddle even more. She would run around like a race car, and she would run to me when she was scared.
After 4 weeks, I was convinced she was "medium sized". Weighing barely a pound, I was mistaken.
I put all of my time into studying about these wonderful creatures. I decided that Chickens would be in my future. My nearby
future. I was considering shows.
Then once she was 6 weeks, she started to make really loud sounds. We had moved her into the garage, and her voice really echoed.
We were really questioning what she was doing. After a lot of research, we were thinking she must have been crowing. I was shocked. How could my Harmony be crowing?
Then we moved her outside, and she stayed there with her siblings. She started crowing louder and louder.
We were getting so scared, occasionally wondering if she was a Rooster.
The time came when I was really wondering myself if she was a Rooster, being the only one in the family who still normally elieved she was a hen. It was sad even thinking about it, though.
Then the crowing was at least 20 times EVERYDAY. We were so afraid of people trying to call animal control. Then we had terrible news.
We had to give the Chicks away. At only 10 weeks of age. Already. Moving away. The end. So sad.
We found the perfect home, if we were thinking practically. I thought no home other than home was good enough. I couldn't stand to say goodbye.
I cried my tears out everyday. We finally took the Chicks to the house we found and let them explore their pen. My heart sank when I had to leave the gates.
I said my goodbyes and told Harmony I loved her one last time before she wasn't mine anymore...........
Then after being updated on Harmony, we all realized that Harmony was a Rooster. She had spurs. She crowed. Her comb was as red as fire. It was huge, too. We had to face it.
Harmony is not a she But she will always be to me. I felt so sad that we were apart, and feeling that I had made a song talking about how lovely she was, I realized that it didn't fit anymore. But I love her with all of my heart, and I will
Forever & Always.

The stressful times with the chicks broke my heart. But I know inside that the love we share will always be in our hearts, and someday, we will meet again, and share the love and life we always dreamed of.
It has been 5 weeks since then, and they are completely fully grown. Harmony's body is very Roosterly. Sad to even think about it.
I love you, Harmony!

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