The story of our first flock

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    We wanted to share this album of our 3 lovely girls and say thanks for all the advice, info, and wisdom. Last April we decided that we were going to start our backyard flock. So after some research on local laws, and a lot of reading on BYC we went to Mike's Feed and Pets to pick out our new hatchlings. These 2 nervous parents spent many nights worrying and fretting. But every single day has been so much fun. Every morning we are greeted by 3 amazing hens who are just overjoyed to see us morning, afternoon, evening, and well really any time we go outside.

    Della is a Delaware, Nicki is a BSL, and Henrietta is a GLW.

    Is this where we sleep?

    All tuckered out.


    This arm makes a fine roost.

    Feeling the sun for the first time.

    Getting use to the new accommodations.

    Home sweet home.

    Taking a break under the composter.

    Dusty ecstasy.

    Della is off to inspect something else.

    Henrietta the diva, striking a pose.

    That thing in your hand... give it to me.

    Warm sunshine on a cold morning.

    Nicki, the gentle one, with the sun on her face.

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    Mar 23, 2016
    So beautiful!
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    Oh, those pictures are priceless! They are so sweet! You're doing a wonderful job. Enjoy them! [​IMG]

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