The Sun will dance no more.RIP my sweet girl.


'Birds Momma
13 Years
May 25, 2010
'Bird 'n the Fluffy Butts coop in Ohio
Last night I lost one of my best friends, my companion, my baby. I was with her all day,she was fine and happy. Jumped on my shoulders when I came to the pen, rode around on my back, picked at my ears and was my general lovey dovey. I left them alone for two hours, TWO HOURS..... I came back to the pen to make sure eveyone got inside for the night and to make sure the door came down. (I actually am there every night to give them a drink of water before they go to sleep for the night. Such a sap I know.) I counted heads and was short one. No biggy, Sundance didnt get in before it closed,and it's only been down for 10 minutes. I walked over to the gate and see nothing by the other side of their door. I walked in only to see my Sundance huddled on the ground next to her food dish. ?????? I immediatly picked her up and saw blood on her head. I ran her up to the house,wrapped her in a blanket and looked her over. Blood on her comb, looked like brusing around and eye, and she wouldnt stand up. She was in shock I am sure. I cleaned off her head enough so that she could see ok and be somewhat normal.

She passed in my arms two hours later.

I will miss you my Sundance. Until someday we meet again, RIP
How really sad
I just WISH I knew what happened. She was not sick. She was an instigator to the rest of the girls though. would pick on my Cochins. I checked her over REALLY well after she passed. I did not find any punctures, scratches, or wounds other than the blood on her head. It was not that bad either. (the blood) didnt look good, but wasnt torn open all over or scratched.

I am wondering if 'Bird attacked her after she may have gone after another hen? I did find another hen with dried blood on her comb as well. I have seen a pair of hawks nearby, but she didnt have any punctures anywhere! She could not stand and had her head to the ground when i found her. I even wondered if she may have gotten caught under the automatic door as it came down and had to pull herself backwards to free herself. She is usually the last one in at night.
I am so thankful for that as well. She is with her other 2 sisters chowing down on mealworms I am sure. I am so surprised at the others this morning. My MayMay kept looking for her and bawking loud long bawks. She was looking for Sundance. I felt so bad for her.
You said there was blood on her head? And that you had seen some hawks. Sounds like maybe a hawk stooped on her, but she got away before it could finish. A hawk is an efficient hunter...using its beak to crack the skull. Sorry to sound so morbid after your loss...she was a beautiful bird.

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