The sweetest Dove release Pic

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by bantymum, Oct 11, 2008.

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    I recognise you from the pigeon forum. I am dovie !Are your birds fantails?
  2. Quote:Hey Patty, so you are Dovie!!! I had a feeling that you must be a BYC'er!
    No the "flying team" are pureblood racers.
    The Fantails which I also have are actually 1/2 fantail so they can fly really well however they dont home as well as the racers.
    When i first started out I bought them for the Biz without researching the breed , as the person who sold them said that they are homers! only to find that they arent suitable for dove releasing, but in saying that : some releasers do use them because of their fan tails. Chances are when they are released, they will land on the nearest tree or roof .
    I dont have any "full" fantails which are the ones that fly like a chicken.( actually a chicken with a wing clipped)!!!!
    However they are beautiful. I just dont have a place for them in the loft.
    I did pick up 4 gorgeous "Turkish Tumblers" today. Pure White!
    They dont travel far however they do fly up high and do somersaults midflight and on landing, they will be lovely to watch, and like the fan tails, they will be pets, not workerpets.
    Im going to tell PC about them in a new post shortly!
    They have feathers on their feet.
    Lovely to see you here.
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  3. Quote:Thankyou ever so much, Miss Jane,
    This is the first job in my life that i actually am earning a living doing what I love best. Problem is that ive started a bit late in life, well i shouldnt say that! I am still a very youthful 46! I just hope my health holds out for years to come as I never want to stop this fun.
    I used to be a florist so My love of flower arranging and love of birds and churches and helping those who need comforting and being a hopeless romantic is all coming together beautifully. I am truly blessed to have found this new pastime.
  4. Quote:exactly what i was thinking, what a beautiful way for such a sad day.

    I am so, so glad that I took a photo of the moment.
    I always pack my camera to take pics of the baskets at the service before people arrive.
    When I found out that little Isabella was doing the release i asked the director if I could take a photo, she said "Oh Yes, Please do" So I snapped the moment, and im sure that this will be the best pic that i ever take.
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    Aug 30, 2008
    Very nice..nice girl nice birds:)
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    bantymum- That's just awesome. Your picture brings hearbreak and joy at the same time. The spirit of children is so durable, but still, my heart just aches for her.

    Thanks for sharing.

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