The tale of King Bee and Queen Izzy.

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  1. I have started writing a story, but I don't know if I should keep going tell me if you think I should. ( sorry If I posted it in the wrong place)

    Here it is.

    The tale of King Bee and Queen Izzy.
    Chapter one.
    It all began, in a land far away; King Bee was out pacing in the long field of fresh green grass, as he was thinking of his future plans with Lady Izzy.

    Bee was a very handsome man, with long buff feathers, a comb that made his lady melt every time she would see him. Bee’s eyes are a beautiful deep dark brown, all the ladies wanted him but he didn’t want them, his heart was set for Lady Izzy to become his queen.
    Bee shook his long buff feathers, as he strutted back into the castle Where he found the lady he has been admiring for the past two years sitting up on the roost.

    Lady Izzy, was special something she was different to all the other girls. Izzy had very light partridge feathers the rich yellow almost gold was so beautiful; her crest yellow and black, the colours were all lined up in a pattern perfectly.
    Izzy is bigger than the other girls, much bigger.

    Bee walked up to her, took a bow, and sat up next to her.
    He began to talk to Lady Izzy. ”Lady Izzy, you are by far the prettiest girl in this land; my heart is set on you.” Bee said in proud tone of voice. Izzy took a moment to reply “Sigh, I know that I’m the only girl for you, but I’m just not ready yet.” She said disappointingly.” I will wait for you, even if it takes a thousand years, I’ll still be waiting for you.”

    That night at dinner, Bee and Izzy sat down at the feed bowl, and started to eat together. They didn’t say a word to each other, they made eye contact a lot and that’s when Izzy finally started to fall in love.

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