"The Teach Your Chicken to Fly Training Manual"

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    I was just given this book. I found out there is a sequel, but only 250 were released to AUS. none in America.


    From http://www.seqair.com/Other/Sawdust/Sawdust1995.html halfway down

    "Bored with Falco building and want to take on new challenges? Then order a copy of "The Teach Your Chicken to Fly Training Manual" from Ten Speed Press, P. O. Box 7123, Berkeley, California 94707.

    It begins with the 'history' of a group of visionary Californians who, during the period of 1940 to 1953, took sympathy on the plight of flightless chickens and decided to do something about it. They formed The Society for Rights for Inferior Birds, and invented an exercise machine to teach chickens how to fly.

    A complete Construction, Instruction and Training Manual was issued with each machine, complete with engineering drawings for the chickens as well as the exercise machines. The birds were supported in a leather harness, and suspended in flight attitude from a wire while they are wheeled back and forth. Below them cutouts of cities, trees and farms so the chickens will know what they will see when flying.

    There's an entire chapter on the pyschology involved and the use of audio-visual material so the chicken can hear the sounds of flapping wings and see other birds flying to the side. There's even a painting of Sigmund Freud with a chicken, indicating his interest in these birds which gave rise to the now widely used term "Freudian Chic." As with anything from California, there's instruction on how to massage the wing muscles of your chicken"


    Teach Your Chicken To Fly Manual: As most people would
    know, chickens are not able to fly for any period of time as the mus-
    cles in their wings are too weak. Apparently (at least, according to
    the book) the Society for Rights for Inferior Birds invented a train-
    ing program whereby chickens, if taken from a young age, could be
    taught to fly. The book is essentially a series of diagrams showing
    the dimensions of the average chicken, and the various machines
    needed - and easily built - with which one can teach the things to
    fly. And before you ask, I honestly don’t know if it is for real. The
    starter kit from the Society includes a recording of sounds of flap-
    ping wings - to get the bird used to the idea of flying, as well as a
    silent video of various birds in flight. Next, the bird’s muscles must
    be massaged and exercised by hand for thirty minutes once a day.
    The teaching machine is a complicated contraption involving the
    chicken in a leather harness, several pulleys, some handles, vast
    quantities of rope, and cardboard cutouts of Sydney’s landmarks,
    scaled to size, to aid the bird's navigation skills when released. Bi-
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    That is neat! How about a Teach Your Chickens Not to Fly Training Manual. My Barred Rocks just love flapping over our fence. However, I do love how the Old English Game sleep in the trees at night, and fly across the yard instead of walk. I can just imagine what they would be like with some training. [​IMG]
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    I got that very book form Ten Speed Press 10 years ago. It was written with tongue firmly in cheek and very fun!
  4. Ondra's Seramas

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    I loved it!

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