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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Rusty Hills Farm, Aug 17, 2011.

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    My grandfather was born in the 1800s and I was researching him tonight on His name was Clement C (my last name) and everyone called him CC. I remember as a small boy my grandmother saying something about his birth record being "messed up" and the second C in his name didn't stand for anything. It was actually a bit of a family joke. He named my dad R. George and the R didn't stand for anything either. When I came along, my dad named me _____ M. and the M didn't stand for anything--a major annoyance all through my military career. The Marine Corps forms always wanted a middle name and I didn't have one! (I can only imagine the grief the Navy must have given my dad over that R of his!)

    Anyhow, I was on tonight and now I know how the registrar of births messed up. Why they were never able to fix it I do not know. For his entire lifetime my grandfather always said the second C didn't stand for anything at all, but now I know Clement C was ACTUALLY recorded as Clement CHRISTOPHER--one heck of a thing to name a nice Jewish fellow like my poor grandfather!


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    My husband kinda has something similiar..
    Bryan C. (last name)
    Thats what he has on all his legal stuff, drivers license, school diploma, our marriage license... credit cards,..etc...

    Come to find out there is NO C. in his name at all! His ding bat mother always told him his middle name was Christopher...(i say that in a nice way, cause i like the lady..).
    When he finally saw his birth certificate and there was no C on it... she was like "ooh, i couldnt decide what to name you at first....i decided on the Christopher after"
    But she still was listing the C. on all his paperwork..... etc...
    ugh... what a blonde. [​IMG] He still has problems with it sometimes... [​IMG]
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    I always lie about what my middle initial stands for. [​IMG]
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    My dad found out what his name was when he joined the military. Evidently the doctor thought he was being named after his father, and reversed the order on the birth certificate. My dad spent the his first year in the navy answering to a first name that he had never had before. Somewhere in there, they got the birth certificate changed.

    Evidently Johnny Cash was not named Johnny or John, but was named J. R. He had to have a name for the military and for the stage.

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