The three amigos! And friends...


Apr 29, 2020
So I took chance in April and got ten goose eggs to incubate. Seven out of ten hatched but only six survived. With all the precautions with geese I figured chicken eggs would be a breeze... now I know there is just as many protocols with chickens as there is geese. What started with nine eggs soon dwindled to six due to various problems experienced during the incubation period. Now the great day approached, day 21. A day of excitement, sadness, joy, and confusion. So the day came and went with just a few signs of life in three eggs. Day 22, definite internal pips, day 23, external pips! Finally on day 24 the first baby emerges, sometime later that night baby number two squirms out. And last but certainly not least baby number three squealed it's way to the outside! Now me and my sister are the proud parents of The Three Amigos. Only one more egg is left, because last minute the others quit on us, and last time we candled, it was still alive fingers crossed all goes well!
cute chicks :)
what breed are they?
Thank you!
They are a buff orpington and white leghorn mix. All of them have white leghorn since Captain Cluck is our only rooster, and we have a mix of chickens but mainly buff's the others lay dark egg and these three were very light brown😂
So update on the Three Amigos and there little friend that hatched Sunday are all doing great and getting along wonderfully they are so cute! Also they all look pretty much the same but one has some gray spots so we think it is a mix with one of our silver lace wyandotte. The others and starting to get alot of brownish whitish feathers so either golden sex link cross or buff orpington. And as of the day before yesterday I started incubating 12 eggs hopefully we will get some of our blue sapphire mixes. One last little thing is the Three Amigos have discovered that they can scratch and scratch they have. I have cleaned their water container so many times due to the fact they have filled it up with shavings😂 but they only do it at night so I say they are trying to dig out! And they have taught their little friend how to do it early!😂

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