The True or False Game!

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The Angry Hen

Crossing the Road
5 Years
Dec 17, 2016
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My Coop
Hello! :frow

@Leah567 came up with the idea of this game and I was the one to write the thread to this game! :wee

I'll first ask a question whether it's about me, about chickens and anything fun like that. :thumbsup


True or False?
I have Guinea fowl!

Someone else:

Sorry, it's True!

Then, the first person that guessed; is the next to do a True or False question! :thumbsup

The rules are:

1.) No inappropriate photos, questions, answers and words.

2.) Everybody needs to get along, for this game to be fun.

3.) If you have any questions you can either PM or just write on here to: @Leah567 or me, @The Angry Hen

4.) Have fun! :bun

First question:

True Or False? :D
I have 5 Buff Brahma's!

~ The Angry Hen
I am a hen, but I'm not Angry!


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