The Unofficial Virtual Chicken Show! Ends October 1!!!!!


Jul 27, 2020
Middle of North Carolina
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Meet Wally! I am entering her as a Novice entry under the subcategory of Hen.
We believe this is is RSL/Orpington cross gal- unsure of age but going to say 3 - 6 years maybe?
I know crosses may not be allowed in the show, but hey even dog shows have a rescue category sometimes!
The caption is simple: Wally has found her forever home.
(Rescued from being stranded in the middle of a huge parking lot on a sweltering day, we are celebrating two weeks with her today! This photo was taken the day after her rescue, when she was still not so sociable. She's become so loving and friendly, and enjoys beak rubs at bed time. LOL - my description is long, sorry! First time trying this out.)
This is great keep up the good work!


Feb 2, 2017
Tulare County CA.
Novice - Rooster - Ayam Cemani
Never done any shows before, and i only have 1 image that i think good enough to be in the photo contest. Meet Legend, he was around 6 month old when i took the photo outside my house. Now he is 1 years old. My best "show quality" pet he is 😁 View attachment 2345516 View attachment 2345519
That's a beautiful chicken!


Jun 6, 2020
NW Washington state, USA
Hey everyone, today I saw an online poultry show and I thought I wanted to host one so here are the requirements:
-pick one of three categories to enter as Novice (it is your first show), Advanced (you have done a few but not much), Competitive (you do shows all the time and you're practically a pro)
- after that you will enter the picture as one of three subcategories based off of what you're doing:
- hen (over 6 months old)
- pullet (under 6 months old)
- rooster (over 6 months old)
- cockerels (under 6 months old)
- hatchlings (under 4 weeks old)
- chick (between 4 and 8 weeks old)

-the chick category does not have to be sexed as well as the hatchlings. If you have a chicken that is unsexed but you know the age we will put it in whatever category we need some in.
-you can caption your photo for bonus points
-you MUST put the name of the chicken, the age, your category (novice, advanced, and competitive), your subcategory (hen, rooster, pullet, etc.), and the breed example down below:

Novice- Hen- This is Cashew my 10-month-old Rhode Island red-
Cashew is looking in the dirt for worms
You can have up to five entries.
The contest ends on October 1st, 2020. To submit photos reply to this thread. The prizes for each category and subcategory will be announced soon!
Thanks and good luck!
Novice - Hen - This is Bandia Sicín, my 11 month old Plymouth Barred Rock. She hopped onto the pallet I was moving to supervise my construction of her outdoor run! She's sweet, lovable and full of a fun personality!!
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