The Unofficial Virtual Chicken Show! Ends October 1!!!!!


Jul 27, 2020
Middle of North Carolina
Hey everyone, today I saw an online poultry show and I thought I wanted to host one so here are the requirements:
-pick one of three categories to enter as Novice (it is your first show), Advanced (you have done a few but not much), Competitive (you do shows all the time and you're practically a pro)
- after that you will enter the picture as one of three subcategories based off of what you're doing:
- hen (over 6 months old)
- pullet (under 6 months old)
- rooster (over 6 months old)
- cockerels (under 6 months old)
- hatchlings (under 4 weeks old)
- chick (between 4 and 8 weeks old)

-the chick category does not have to be sexed as well as the hatchlings. If you have a chicken that is unsexed but you know the age we will put it in whatever category we need some in.
-you can caption your photo for bonus points
-you MUST put the name of the chicken, the age, your category (novice, advanced, and competitive), your subcategory (hen, rooster, pullet, etc.), and the breed example down below:

Novice- Hen- This is Cashew my 10-month-old Rhode Island red-
Cashew is looking in the dirt for worms
You can have up to five entries.
The contest ends on October 1st, 2020. To submit photos reply to this thread. The prizes for each category and subcategory will be announced soon!
Thanks and good luck!
Hey evryone, I know this took forever to judge (I apologize) but here are the results. I could not get them in a voting thing like I did the others but here are the results:

Top Scoring Novice chicken (overall) - Repunzel the 4-month-old white silkie! @msiler
Second Overall top-scoring novice chicken - Iron the 1 1/2-month-old chick @WolfLady
Third overall top-scoring novice chicken - Abby the 18 weeks old Blue Plymouth Rock @CA2PTChickenChick

Top Scoring Advanced chicken- Platinum the 7-month-old porcelain d´uccle @FluffyBottomBantams
Second overall top-scoring advanced chicken - Boyd the 7 month old wheaten frizzle serama @Noellereagan
Third overall top-scoring advanced chicken - Deisel the 5-month-old Silver Laced Wyandotte

Overall Top scoring chicken runner up number one - Iron the 1 1/2-month-old chick @WolfLady
Overall Top scoring chicken runner up number two - Boyd the 7 month old wheaten frizzle serama @Noellereagan
Overall Top scoring chicken runner up number three - Repunzel the 4-month-old white silkie! @msiler

Top Scoring SUPER GRAND CHAMPION of the whole competition is.....

PLATINUM the 7-month-old porcelain d´uccle @FluffyBottomBantams

Thank you to everyone who has competed I enjoyed doing this and I am sorry for the late results I got caught up in school, sports, and taking care of my own animals. Congratulations to all the winners I may release the score sheet tomorrow or you can respond and ask what you chickens score was.

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