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Jul 10, 2009
North Carolina Sandhills
My Coop
My Coop
DS#3 and I raked 4-5 gorilla carts of mixed leaves and pine straw off the driveway today.




Nothing visible but happy hen tails.

At this point the grass in the pen is getting pretty worn with a lot of bare dirt exposed so I'm piling in plenty of dry organic material to absorb waste and keep it nice.

We never actually planned on them being in this spot for so long, but with the house STILL not ready for occupancy we can't start on the permanent coop yet.

(Raking takes forever. I need to get a lawn sweeper).
Raking used to be one of my least favorite chores. Since I've been using leaves as a deep mulch in the garden, I've had a LOT fewer weeds. My dislike of raking has been replaced with an attitude of I'm out in the sunshine, making mulch for next year's garden. Next year Sally will be glad.

I put a bunch of leaves in the run last weekend. Yup, the chickens loved it. Another reason I don't mind raking as much.

Anyone have inside the coops toys to recommend for the cold months to come?
I actually put a butt load of leaves right in the coop today. The girls love it and it persuaded them to turn their litter for me. Also saves on bedding. I am thinking all the leaves will make for better composting in the spring too. Leaf season comes but once a year!
My birds sure love leaves! How bout a haiku about it!?

Gather up tree stars
gift them to feathered friends
butt feathers, arise!
Btw @3KillerBs , lovely little flock!

Thanks. I'm still trying to sell the smaller Brahma, because I'm willing to have 5 chickens in a 4-chicken coop given the immense size of the pen but not 6, but haven't had time to print up flyers with my preparations for moving.

Next year, with larger facilities, I'll go for 12-15 and a rooster. The intent is to have about 20 layers in due time, rotating them out as they age.
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