The Waiting Game


11 Years
Jul 17, 2008
Okay, my six girls are now 17 weeks old. 3 of them are Leghorns. I am praying every night for an egg. My kids are so eggsited and get so disapointed every morning and afternoon when they check and come up with no eggs.

Anyone else waiting for their first egg?
I have laying hens that lay and babies that still have a while to go, I have always had someone laying in my flock while waiting.... But I know how you feel, I waited for my baby BR's to lay and it seemed like it took forever..... It drove me crazy !!!! Good luck and I hope they start soon.
Yes, I'm waiting. I was never very good with suspense, so this is driving me absolutely nuts. They are only 15 weeks, but I got my dates mixed up and thought for a while that they were a week older than they are. Grrrr...
My girls are now 20+ weeks and I haven't seen any signs of eggs yet either. I don't know much about chickens, I'm so lost that I've begun second guessing if they are really girls or not. FRUSTRATIONS!!!!
The suspense is killing me!!! Mine are 19 weeks and no egg yet.
I am waiting!! 19 weeks, two of the girls are obviously not ready yet but one has a big red comb (and no she's not a roo), squats and gets mated by the roo but still no eggs. I've even been keeping them locked up for most of the last couple days to make sure she's not hiding them somewhere and they are not happy with me!!
Here's to an egg in the morning!
I have 8 girls and all of them are laying except ONE....she is holding out for some reason! She is a RIR and is 32+ weeks old now. I'm thinking of either getting rid of the free loader or COOKING HER! Would that be bad?
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