the walking dead final attempt needs players

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    Feb 16, 2013
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    my third and final time trying this

    the walking dead​
    One day you wake up you get dressed walk outside then your mom/dad/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife attacks you you tri to get her/him off you then you realize what she is.................. a zombie you run to the kitchen and grab a knife stab her in the head with the biggest knife you could get you turn on the t.v. and the news man says to get ready for the end of the world. you are shocked you find a bag fill it up with guns ammo knives you get your cb raidio your aunt got you and you thought you would never use it then you grt your walkie_talkie and get your keys to your truck/car then you head out to New Orleans where you find me and my group
    Last job:
    Role in group:


    leader male:the person who makes the decisions

    leader female:the person who makes the decisions

    backup:the leaders wing man/wing girl(2)

    suppliers:goes on food ,gun.ammo runs with leader(s)

    babysitter: if there's a baby they watch them

    kids:age 1_10

    my fourm
    Last job:army sgt
    description: age 21 black hair 6"2

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