The ways of the Quail.

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    Nov 29, 2014
    Friday we're going to be getting 25 Corturnix Quail. We already have 7 rabbits, and 30 chickens, and want to expand further in our livestock. I've spent a lot of time reading, getting things ready, and getting excited! We will have 20 females, and 5 males. This Sunday they will be 7 weeks old. I bought an incubator for when we start breeding.

    I'm posting to get some tips, and advice on how to provide good care to these birds.

    So what's the best kinds of feed I could give them?

    What's the best way to breed quail?

    Anything else you can add would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!
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    That's exciting! I wish I had advice but I don't! Best Wishes![​IMG]

    I got 2 Texas A&M quail yesterday. I also have been researching for a few months before getting them. I am starting off very small as I'm am learning as I go. My husband also is not a big fan... yet. I can't blame him as our first hens haven't laid and I'm ready for more birds. I found that the internet and BYC was lacking a bit on the quail section. I too, want to know the ways of quails! I hope to follow and get some great advice/ideas.

    Right now I have 5 chickens ( 2 buff orpingtons, 1 silkie, and 2 toublant polish chicks) 3 dogs (2 shelties and a toy aussie), and 2 quail.

    My quail are 6 weeks old and one has laid since I have had them. Right now I am using a large bird cage. I have been using sand for bedding. They love it! It is also easy to pick up the poop. I scoop it up and out like kitty litter. I use it in my coop for my chickens and it works great so why not use my leftovers. They also like to dust bath so it's a win, win I think? I have branches added but they haven't use them that I saw. For the feed I purchased Manna Pro Gamebird/Showbird from tractor supply it has 24% protein but am looking for a different feed. If you are raising them for meat you will need a feed with more protein.

    Here is a good link if you haven't checked it out already:
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