The weirdest hatch I have ever had

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    Oct 22, 2008
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    I started 2 incubators of 42 eggs each about a week apart, and one incubator of 8 goose eggs about the same time, somewhere with in that week.
    During that time we had storms and I would wake up to find the power had gone out over night. How long it was off I don't know, I was asleep. We also had a drunk hit an eletric pole. That time I was awake and put the chicks in a cast iron skillet in the oven over the pilot light.
    So hatch day comes. I get 4 chicks and hear chirping coming from the incubator that isn't do for a week. They are pipping in the turner. so I take them and put them ( all of them) in the incubator that is hatching. 1 days go by and all the eggs from the turner have bad legs. then the goose eggs start to chirp madly. One died in the shell, one is yet to fully come out, but has its head out. I made sure of that. Nothing in the other chicken eggs so I broke one to see what was going on. The development is way behind anything on the calendar, however the chick was alive. Its a mess. seriously a mess. What is hatching is starting to pip and then die, or hatches with bad legs, or is under developed yet still growing and doing ok.

    anyone have an idea why Im having all these problems?

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    Jul 14, 2009
    I don't know but that's sad...[​IMG]
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    Maybe they were too hot/too cold/too something on the day(s) when their legs were developing? [​IMG]
    Regardless, I am sorry you've had such a heartbreaking hatch. [​IMG]

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