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  1. uros4you39

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    Jun 25, 2010
    I have heard there are lots of different colors of white. Can anybody give some more information about this, like what the colors are and what birds have which color, and any other information would be great. I know that the white leghorns have the dominant white and I have also heard of the white color called sport.
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    sport is a color variance in blue bird breeding, commonly called splash
    these come from say a blue millie fluer, you'll get 2 blue millie fluer, 1 millie fluer, and 1 sport millie fluer. The sport has not meaning in white birds
    There are dominate and recessive white
    Dominate will breed white always, recessive white will not unless bred to another white bird.
    Dominate white is what is used in genetic work to make your white patternted birds

    red plye is a bb red bred to a dominate white
    goldneck, a millie fluer bred to dom white
    buff laced, a gold laced bred to dominate white.

    Basically, it works like blue does, in a way, if you cross bred a dominate white to a bird of color, the black feathers of the colored bird will be replaced by white ones, and the remainly feathers will be diluted to a paler version

    As for which are which, I'm not sure, most arent, most are reccessive. If it is a breed with the above colors listed in it, then you can bet dominate whites exist in that breed
    There are some genetic masters on here that I am sure will be along soon and can maybe shed more light on which breeds commonly have them in dominate white.
  3. uros4you39

    uros4you39 Out Of The Brooder

    Jun 25, 2010
    Thank you, does anybody else know anything about this color.

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