The WHOLE chicken story...


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Mar 10, 2009
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ok - here goes: (since so many people are asking...)
since about 3rd grade i have wanted chickens. my dad would not let me, but one of our employees was going to 'get into the chicken business' - small scale. so, in about 5th grade i started helping him here and there. his chix did not last that was that.

when aaron and i moved back to tipton and have 3 1/3 acres, i thought...perfect - i can get chickens. well, now my husband would not let me. so we had our first son, maverick. so i got a son instead of chickens
- before maverick, we were going to breed butler (the dog) so we decided we wanted puppies (kids) and not another dog. so...

i got off the chicken band wagon for quite a while until...

we went to key west. if you have ever been, there are chickens running around EVERYWHERE. there was a certain rooster that woke me up every morning (i am not getting a rooster) - but i did buy a photo of a 'caged cock' and love it. so i was infatuated with chickens once again. i kept pleading with aaron down in key west to let me get some (i only wanted 3). night he gave in and said yes (i think he was drunk and wanted 'something

so we got back to indiana and i asked him 3 times if i could get chickens and i think he wanted me to quit asking so he said (and i quote) "honey, whatever you want to do". so i took that as a go-ahead. i ordered my chicks that day. he was surprised that i ordered them and they were coming in april. so - since then i have been obsessed with getting the coop built and the brooder ready.

i am just raising them for their eggs (not meat). the kids will love them!!! and so will their friends and cousins. dallas and calvin (my nephews - stone too if he were in IN and not CA) will get to pick out a chick and name her.

the name of the coop will be blue heaven (for a bar that is down in key west and there were chickens all over the place) and one of the 'girls' - hens will be named FRANNY FEATHERS - after my grandmother frances...granny franny! (who passed away dec 2008).

so - that sums it up. i think aaron wishes i would concetrate more on building our house right now, but we are at a great point that i can get the chick thing done and then back to working on our house...which is moving along quite nicely. i told him i would rather figure the chicken thing out here first and then move them to our new home. this way we can create a special area for them.

anyway...that is that. i will post photos of the coop. i took a few the other day. and of the girls when we get them. they should arrive 28 april:
2 australrop
2 rhode island red
2 campine
2 barred rock
1 easter egger
1 wyandotte - columbian
all brown eggers except easter egger = blue or green and campine is white. for those people that do not want brown eggs.

i am raising them 100% organic and will have fresh eggs for friends and family...

blue heaven, key west:

mama hen and her babies:

4-H chicken mom

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See how addicting raising chickens are. You only wanted three and you already have increased to 10. That's my kind of math.
Good Luck with your new additions.


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Oh, I love the Keys! I have to say though, that my favorite is Big Pine. I too have seen some wild chooks. I am so happy for you, and i hope that you get all hens! What an interesting story too.


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Feb 20, 2007
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I took all sorts of photos of the Key West chickens when I was there. I loved the fact that they could wander into the open restaurants and are freely roaming the streets. I'd love to go back to the Keys.

Tom from Ditchingham

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Mar 5, 2009
Sounds like my sort of place! Anyone got any photos of these free ranging chickens? We have some chickens on our roundabout here in England, Norfolk - see the website for proof!


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Mar 10, 2009
Central Indiana
the photo of 'mama hen' and her chicks was taken down by the docks where cruise ships come in. mallory square is where it was. you would see them walking down a street - in restaurants - you name it! it was great - except the rooster that woke me up every 6:45am. (my kids usually wake me up at 7:30am - but they were not with us on this trip...)

i will check out your web link.

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