The Wings Dilemma


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Apr 10, 2014
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OK BYC troops I need some honesty here. OK so my 10 pack has been backyard free for about a month now, and some of my little sweeties discovered they are GREAT little flyers. I know I should clip their wings bu the thought kills me. So here are my scales on one side my beautiful babies (i am never going to show them) just love their born beauty I don't want to do it,But that's selfish right? On the other hand last night was the straw over the camels back my little Lucy flew up to the top of the chain link fence in the yard (scary) So there is the other side. I need to do it to protect them from that. BUT being so young say a cat gets into our yard then they cant fly to get away. So whats the best solution? I will post pics of these guys and please tell me by experience who will need it and who wont, And at what age? Like I have an adult Silkie that has really short wings that has never pulled any stunts so we haven't done it with her.

OK here is Lucy (a flyer) (Belgian Bearded d'Uccle Mille Fleur)

Here are my two Cochin's Indigo and Dexter (haven't seemed to have a problem with them at all)

Our Cuckoo Maran (no problems yet with her either)

Hopper - Buff laced polish (A Flyer)

Stain - Silver Sebright (Major Flyer)

Our 2 Assorted polish - Smokey and bandit (not too many problems with them yet)

Domino our Mottled Houdan (flys across the yard somewhat but not too bad)

And last but not least my little lap buddy my Rooster Wild Thing (Frizzle) Not and flying at all,but would kill me to cut those amazing ruffles off.


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Jun 18, 2013
I would clip their wings, you don't have to take alot off just enough so they can't get lift,they wouldn't fly straight up from a cat like a bird would they are more likely to run like the dickens, silkies aren't flyers so I wouldn't worry about that one, safety is more important than looks.

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Nov 7, 2012
I would clip on an as needed basis, definitely the smaller birds who have shown off their flying abilities. You only need to clip one wing, and if done properly, you won't even see that the wing has been clipped unless the bird spreads her wings. Do a thread search on how to clip wings, there are even some videos. If you can hold scissors... if you can hold a chicken, you can clip wings. I kneel down on the grass with the chicken sandwiched between my knees, spread the wing with one hand and clip off the flight feathers with the scissors in the other hand. She'll scream like you're killing her, but all you're hurting is her dignity!
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