There's always something about running water..


9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
Coldwater, MS
Everytime I dump out the water tray from my waterer when it has trash in it or it's nasty, the water runs in and down the pen and my chickens come running.. Haha does anyone else do this? Hahahahaha it's a funny sight to. They love to drink it from the ground but I'm not sure why though.. Haha
Mine do this too - even when the waterer has fresh clean water in it! They start scratching in the mud. Looking for bugs that come to the surface like robins in the rain maybe?
This reminds me of my cat.
She will not drink from her bowl if it has the slightest hint of contamination. Like a bit of dust or a hair. BUT give her a nasty flower pot that has been sitting outside collecting rain for a year, filled with slime and filth and mosquito larvae... THAT'S HER FAVORITE!

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