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Positively Ducky
11 Years
Oct 2, 2008
Picked up my coturnix quail babies from the feed store the other day. 5 are typical and seem oblivious to the fact that a person is feeding them and changing their water. They freak out a little when the "giant hand" reaches in to fuss with things, but are generally absorbed in their little quail world of eating, drinking and pooping. But the other one. It eyeballs me. It peeps to me. It is AWARE.

I have a duck like that. She started eyeballing me on day 1.

She is my "flock queen" now. Kinda took over as soon as she got adult sized. Every drake I ever had went gaga over her. She is very smart (for a duck) and does get in to trouble. She is a bit of an escape artist as well.

There is something special about those "aware" peeps. Or am I nuts?

I will try to upload a picture of my spooky quail later. Hopefully it's a girl
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Off topic but my first duck isnt like that he is oblivious to it it, i think my free ranging muscovies are the ones that are AWARE, Im catchin the drift here
Don't you just love when a bird looks you in the eye?

Even if it's a nasty evil DUCK!
not so much my quails but the chukars I have been raising there will be 1 or 2 in every hatch that are like you describe I have 1 gamble quail if I stand still at the side of the cage he will walk right up to me and investigate me LOL
Not sure what song you mean but when I read the one above you I started singing "Walk right in, sit ri-i-ght down, Daddy let your mind roll on!"

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