Thermostat for little giant incubator


10 Years
Sep 22, 2009
I have a pretty basic little giant incubator, an 18" x 18" styrofoam box with the heating unit, a fan and the automatic egg turner. For the most part I've been pretty happy with it, but the one thing I would love is to have a thermostat control the temperature rather than me having to watch it and adjust it as often as I do.

Maybe this is a really basic question and little giant makes a thermostat for it, but what is the easiest way to solve this? I was looking around on Amazon for a basic house thermostat, but most of them seem to stop at 90 degrees. I was looking through the thread about building homemade incubators and saw a few custom made/reconfigured ones, but it sure seems that for those of us less electrically inclined, there ought to be some type of basic thermostat that can control a temperature up to 100 degrees.

If anyone knows of anything like that, I'd appreciate any links/suggestions -- Rick
There's a guy in MN that sells all kinds of used incubator parts. I'll try to locate the address and post it.
Your Little Giant has a thermostat. It is in the white box under the lid and connects to the black knob on top.

Learning to use an LG takes time. Adding water to the channels in the bottom causes the temperature to drop for a while, and it is slow to warm up. Letting it go completely dry can cause a big temperature spike.

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