These are pictures of some of the other chicks/chickens and silkie that I own!


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6 Years
Mar 9, 2013

Buff Orpington and Barred Rocks

Partridge Silkie

Partridge Silkie

silver laced cochin bantam in front!

Sizzle in middle (silkie/frizzle mix)

girls fighting over my nike sign on my sneaker!


new silkie and sizzle in back!

sizzle and barred rock

Buff orpington (very friendly)

golden laced and silver laced cochin bantams in front!
so what about the white silkies in the pics.? I am wondering if they are pure breeds or mixed? They do have the 5 toes,black skin, blue ear lobes. they are tractor supply birds!!! I have the partridge silkie that is also in the pics. and she is what I think of when I think silkie! Let me know what you think please. THANKS!

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