These chicks are getting on my nerves!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by InsaneChicken, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Can 5 week old chicks be put outside? (with a heat lamp of course) I'd put them in a kennel in the coop for a few weeks until my other chickens got used to them but these brats are getting on my nerves! They're so mean to my other chicks who are about 2 weeks old. I'm about ready to kick some chicken butt! Maybe some of them need some chicken time out... (Don't laugh at me! It worked with my other chickens....>.<) the temps have been kind of odd lately. We went from 75 during the day to 55. and at night it's 30. Would they be ok out there?

    (I have the baby chicks seperated from them. They're just little brats!)
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    You should not mix chicks from different ages. They will always fight. Wait till they are all similar size and then introduce them to the main run together.
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    Yeah.. They are similar size though. I have them with the bantams and they're about the same size.
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    I'm still kinda new to all this chicken stuff. I'm working on it though...

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