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Alright, so my order from ideal shipped out today!

So I went to the feed store, to get a new heat lamp and some medicated chick starter........

I went to the back of the store, with this young girl, to choose which lamp I wanted.... and we walked passed a brooder full of little turkeys, cute things....however; i saw a large brown bag on the floor..and noticed it pushed on its side, i quickly told the girl "I hope there are no babys in that bag, its fallen over!, and she said "oh ya, there little chickens". She went and picked up the bag, and the little guys started jumping around in the bag and began screaming!

I was so angry!

she said that a man brought them in yesterday cause they were 'too big' for his kids, and they were left in the bag since yesterday afternoon!!!

I asked to see them, and they were the nicest little chicks ever! But they looked horrible....full of poo and there feet were cold...

She noticed me bonding witht them, and she offered to sell them to me with my purchase for $10.....I couldnt resist there were only 5.... no food, heat, or water for a day! They were surely gonna die if i hadn't seen the bag!

So here they are, there big! I cleaned them up a bit....and put them in my brooder.
They feed store had no clue how old they were, or the breeds.
There doing great now, they have eaten alot! and have been drinking.

Anyone know what breed they might be, or there age?







God bless you for saving these chicks!! You will surely have a reward in heaven for saving them!! As far as the breed??? The dark brown looks somewhat like a welsummer. And sorry, I can't help with the others, but Yeah!! They have a home where they will be loved and taken care of!!
I am gonna guess buff orps, EE, and on the last pic the one with the white feathers looks just like my CO wyandette. That is my guess but not sure. You have a heart of gold:)
They look to be about 4 weeks old to my untrained eye. I'm so glad you got them!
I'm not good at identifying breeds of chicks since I haven't had young ones......yet. Best wishes, and God bless you!
The buff ones look like Orpingtons if the legs are not yellow, they look like the right color for orps, If the legs are yellow they might be buff rocks, the one with green legs looks like an EE (easter egger) The other I don't know.

I agree, they look to be about four weeks.

Good job on the rescue!!
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Or stupidity, whichever way you look at it...Some people just shouldn't own animals, plain and simple, and that's OK. Just know if you are one of THOSE people.
Oh my! That is terrible, I can't believe the store would just leave them in a bag like that.

Thank goodness you noticed them and saved them .
Honestly, I would not have paid for the chicks. I think I would have told them that they'd lost my business forever and rescued the chicks and if they had anything to say, I would have told them they would be reported for cruelty to animals if they tried to stop me. People like that deserve to get exactly what they did to those chicks and see how they like it. This is what happens this time of year, but those poor chicks went from the frying pan into the fire, excuse the wording here.

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