They are getting WAY too rambuncious!


11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Blue Ridge Mountains, NC
Oh My! Chicks are 2 weeks old and literally bouncing off the walls of their brooder lol.
They are in a 4 foot diameter kiddie pool right now, thinking of going out to wally world today and buying a larger one. I was hoping to move them all out to the coop with heat lamps, but the coop (a 10x12 storage shed with windows) wont be delivered until next week! They have all learned how to jum on top of the feeders and the larger 1 gallon waterer, and are scoping out the cardboard around the pool, you can tell they are scheming lol.
Man what a difference a week makes!
I know exactly what you mean. My bantam assortment (30) is 3 weeks old and I have had to change their brooder 3 times because they are so "lively" and are growing so quickly. Mine do the same thing. They are flying from one end of the box to the other end of the box. I now have them in a LARGE cardboard box (the size of a refrigerator - a refrigerator box) that I got from a local aplicance store. Their new brooder has been made and delivered. They will be moving to it soon. I'm in the process of having a 12 ft wide x 12 ft long walk in chicken pen for them. Then pen will only be for housing at night. They will be free range during the day on about 1 acre of fenced in property and protected from predators.
I think I might swing by Lowes today and see if they have any refrigerator boxes, I would hate to have to move them again.
Thanks for the idea.
I feel bad for my Buff Orps, they are so mellow, well compared to the others, and are always trying to dodge the dive bombers LOL.
You're welcome. Any appliance or hardware store should have the very large boxes. If Lowe's doesn't have any boxes, try Home Depot if you have one near you. Good Luck!

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