They aren't babies anymore (pix intensive)


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I took some pictures of the girls (and boy) the other night, and wanted to share with you guys:

This is Stumpy, my Buff Orpington rooster. So far he's quiet enough that my neighbors haven't complained - that may change, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed he doesn't need to be renamed Stew. He's getting his adult plumage and is quite handsome:


Next is Emily, I think she's the lowest on the pecking order, poor thing. She's a Golden Laced Wyandotte, with a defective comb, all she's really got is one little lump, the rest is quite sunken (note her tail, poor thing, all of the feathers have been picked out but one):


Esther is an EE, she's quite ferocious looking:


Queenie is, I believe, the queen hen out there. Queenie goes wherever she wants, gets what she wants, sleeps where she wants. I think she'll be the first to lay an egg, judging from the size and color of her comb:


Edited to add: Oops, I forgot my Barred Rocks! No name on this one, yet:


Only one of the Rhode Island Reds have earned a name, and it isn't this one:


And finally, here they all are jostling for position on the roost. They all end up across the top, Greg built them an extension so they'd all fit. Note Queenie is furthest to the right, but with room to her right - she gets all the space she wants!!!


Here they're settled on their spots. For the moment!

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