They hatched peachicks!


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Aug 15, 2009
Schuylkill County, Pa
Hailey and Windy hatched 6 eggs. They shared the nest which was a box inside the big pen and now are sharing the chicks. I wasn’t sure how that would work, but because they were sitting in the same box I didn’t want to separate them for fear of them leaving the nest. They had 13 eggs but only 6 hatched. Two eggs got broken, two I have in the incubator but I don’t think they will hatch. I think the chicks in them are dead. 3 of the eggs quit developing early. Hailey is an IB, and Windy is a black shoulder. Ice the peacock is an IB. Here are some pictures.

Thanks. Right now I am trying to keep a close eye on them because it has been raining for the last two day here. They did bring them out of the pen for a little bit twice, one is a little weak and has trouble keeping up.
Aww how sweet! I think it is so cool when the peahens nest next to each other. I bet it gives them some good company.

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