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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by babynuts43, Oct 15, 2014.

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    Oct 11, 2014
    Ok so I thought I was only going to have one duckling hatch and I was blessed to have 2 hatch. We now have a Babble and a Dawdle (Dawdle is the one who pipped first but hatched last). Now I need to know how long to leave them in the incubator. I know that everyone says wait until they dry out but how are they going to dry out in that humidity? There are no controls for humidity on my incubator, water level only, and I haven't added any water in a couple of days but it is still rather wet in there. My concern is it is a small incubator and the poor things are cramped, can't stand up and are trying to. Someone anyone tell me something!
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    You can take them out as soon as you have a brooder set up for them that has a place that is 95 degrees they can get to to stay warm. There's no need to let them fluff completely, people just usually avoid opening the incubator until all the eggs that are going to hatch have hatched. They can live off their yolk for up to three days so there's no rush to take them out, but there's no need to leave them in if your brooder is ready and you aren't going to have any more eggs hatch. Congrats on the babies!

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