They haven't left yet!


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Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
At the risk of causing Nifty further embarrasment....

The hummingbirds haven't left yet. My feeders are usually cleaned and stored away by now.
They emptied my two - one quart feeders in one day, yesterday. I just went out, refilled and re-hung them; with a hummer hovering near my shoulder while I did.
I used to take the feeders down around the first of September, but recently learned you should leave em up for two weeks after you see the last hummer in the fall. Two??? There's at least 20 of the little boogers out there right now.
The spiders are "saying" that it's going to be a cold, nasty winter. The hummers say differently?
Maybe it is gonna be a bad winter, just starting late...? What is it that the spiders say? I hadn't heard that one.
We have an overabundance of spider webs this year. Many, many orb weavers. We like to watch them at night. The other night we counted eight webs in one tree and two in another.
I haven't seen any of mine for a couple of days so I think they may have finally taken off. Mine are usually gone a couple weeks by now. I always leave my feeders up for a couple of weeks after they've taken off so if any pass thru they can stop in and eat.
Just saw hummingbirds on the vine flowers yesterday, but this is Georgia. And as far as those orb weavers...

Not as many of these particular spiders around this year, but gosh this one is bold. Lots of spiders IN the house of other kinds. Does that count?

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