They just keep coming!


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10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
Pleasant Grove, Utah
Went out this morning to check on my female call duck with 14 eggs, and low and behold:

And then a little later this afternoon:

So far, I think there are 3 white (some pure white, some with little spots of gray or black), 1 black bibbed, 3 grey bibbed and 1 snowy. Not a bad mix since the mom is 1/2 blue-bibbed 1/2 snowy, and the dad(s) are a black bibbed and a gray!
i love ducks x) i tried raising 5 newborn chickens that we at a home depot parking lot under a bush,,,, sadly they did not make it x( i wish i could have more yours are just great . . . at my feed store they sell them for 5 bucks maybe next time i pick up some chicken food i will buy me a couple

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