they started to roost

cary 1973

7 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Henderson Nevada aka Las Vegas
tonight i went out to close the chicken door oh shoot i never shut the door but i found them roosting this is the very first night 3 are on the purch and Phonix is roosting on the side bar she has been doing that for about week now.

Funny thing this is a 8 foot long bar and these 3 are all on less then a foot silly birds. but the vent in front of them has cool air blowing in on them if this was a vedio you would see there feathers moving

Cheerios like what are you looking at.
That's great that they are taking to the roost. Big girls!!
I was so surprised by my 5 week olds when I put them out in the big coop....the roost is quite high ( for the bigger girls) but they got right up there with no problem. And they seem to love sleeping up there all huddled in one corner just like yours.
I love the decor in the coop, btw. Cute!
do you think there all sleeping like that because the cool air coming into the vent or on the other side of that vent is my bedroom window where the lights on and tv on and all the sounds there used to when they where in doors cuz that window shelf is where there nursery was. im trying to figure out if i need to add more cool air in there or not
I have a thermometer in the coop with them so I can see how cool or how hot it gets. Our weather changes so much from night to night. A few days ago it was so hot and humid and the thermometer was reading 80* and last night it dipped down a bit with no humidity so this morning it was around 69*. I am sure it gets really hot where you are, but I don't think a constant breeze is good when they are roosting. But I am no expert!
Mine roost near the window to the coop. I think they like to see what's going on outside. My other hens used to roost on the opposite side of the coop. Funny little creatures.
They have about 8 feet of bar to roost on and the other side has a big window and in middle of coop is double doors that are wire so during summer there is plenty of places to look out. So I guess my girls are lesson to the sounds of indoors
Mine are starting to figure out roosting as well and they're not quite 3 weeks yet! I opened the door today to feed them and one was sitting on the plywood wall we having enclosing them in part of the hen house, and another was sitting on the roosting rod over this area (all about 2 1/2 ft high). Just looking at me like... "Oh... We weren't expecting you."

But temperature could be to do with this as well. It was later on in the morning and their heat lamp was still on - yesterday was so cold I set it to disregard the timer and stay on all through the day and night. Today is warmer and I didn't get out as early to shut it off and open the building up to get air moving.

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