They're Cooking A Silkie On Food Network For Halloween...


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They call it "black chicken"... It DOES looks black inside too! I always thought that it looked like a "normal" chicken inside and the skin was just black..?? Weird...
So Silkies dont really have white meat?? or what...
Well, shoot .... I shoulda butchered that last Silkie roo instead of giving him away, then I could have seen. I did hear (or read) somewhere that their bones are black also. But, I did not know there is no white meat. So, all the meat is dark meat? Now I am really curious.
Silkies are dark because of pigmentation that lies primarily in their connective tissue. Thus black skin, black bones, black joint, black tint to all meat.

However, the physical color of meat is not what makes meat white vs dark. White meat is fast twitch muscle, and dark meat is slow twitch muscle. So silkies still have white breast meat and dark leg meat.

Fast vs slow twitch muscle.

An explanation:
I have butchered and eaten Silkies before, there IS white meat just not a lot of it. The bones arent black, just a darker color then a regular chicken. The meat isnt all black, its juts had a bit of black

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