They're heeeeerrrrreeee!!

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  1. Daniek

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    Aug 10, 2014
    Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!!

    Our Red Sexlink started laying about 3-4 weeks ago, surprise! We then waited for the 2 lakenvelders to start. Well, yesterday one gave us a small little egg. Today it gave us another one. We are now waiting for the last one to start. All are supposedly the same age, bought at the same time.

    This pic shows a store egg at the top with a red sexlink egg in the middle, and yup, the lakenvelder egg at the bottom. It's so cute.


    So far only my granddaughter and myself have enjoyed these homegrown gems. The wife, son and daughter won't eat them. hehe, more for me.

    This is my granddaughter with "her" chicken, Red.

  2. Oscarsgravett

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    Mar 18, 2014
    East Sussex , England
    Congrats on your first eggs its so exciting to see them start laying :) we used to have red sex linked chickens they make amazing layers. Love the PIC of Red :):D

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