They're HERE!

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9 Years
Mar 26, 2010
Upstate NY
Just got back from the PO. Got the call at 7:45. One didn't make it.
She got a burial next to my garden.

I have 5 little wobbly chicks in their brooder. Four of them went right to food, but one is still pretty puffy and wobbly. I dipped each beak into the water, but they haven't figured out what the water and food dispensers are just yet.

So cute! They just start to fall asleep standing up!

I will wait until they acclimate before snapping pix.
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Did you put sugar in the water? I did that the first time with my new chicks and they took to drinking water right away.
Congrats on the fuzzy butts!!!
I love them so much! They are so fun to watch! If it is really warm around the waterer you may need to change it every 24 hours! The sugar in the water will sour in a warm inviroment just like sweet tea does! We NEED pics when possible!

Good Luck and God Bless!

P.s. Sorry to hear about the 1 loss!

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