They've all hatched! - some notes...


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
11 out of 12 eggs made it up the end and they've all hatched between 21.5 days and almost 23 days.

The last two got help. The first...not sure it needed it. I think it was just taking a really long time to dry out those vessels. I awoke at 1 am to it having turned in the shell, bottom out so I popped him out the rest of the way.

The 2nd...well, I'm wondering if it was a malposition? It's head was under its wing but the beak was barely sticking out. It barely pipped internally and didn't get to the external pip. It's body seemed slightly rotated where it's head was just a bit too low.

Anyways, I pipped the shell and a few hours later removed the top. I moistened the drying membrane and wrapped it in a damp paper towel at 1 am. At 6:30 am I found it had also rolled in the shell, bottom out and was stuck. With a little help, it broke free. Meanwhile, the 1 am hatch was running about with the big guys.

Everyone will be happy today. I can finally get them out of the bator and supply food and water. I know they can go a while on the yolk but - I imagine they'd still appreciate it.

So, a few added notes:

Round eggs can hatch :). The round egg hatched first; I brt it was running out of room!

There was one egg that seemed far behind the others when candled at lockdown. It had a ton of fluid and space but still moved so I left it in. It hatched!

Another had a very small airspace at lockdown; it hatched!
Um, they made it a TO the end, not UP the end. Geesh. That wouldn't be comfortable.

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