Thick rubbery membrane? Post hatch question...

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    I hatched Marans this week (FBC), and 3 out of 4 that went into lockdown hatched. The first was fine. The second pipped a large hole (quarter sized) and I ended up assisting after it was clearly not making progress. It was fine and huge. There was no way it could have zipped. I had to help with the membrane too (as it struggled) and it wasn't difficult to tear. The third pipped and zipped a little but then quit - lots of peeping but no substantial movement. I wasn't surprised since I had opened the incubator the day before twice (to help the hatch and put it back in). I helped again (first zipping and putting back, then hatching). The membrane seemed thicker, but not terribly dry. It had a more rubbery feel. Is that likely due to the humidity drop, or could it be that the membrane was thicker. This last chick was tiny but vigorous. I have no doubt that it had room to zip so I'm guessing the membrane was a little sticky?

    This is my first successful hatch, and I know that after several I would be able to identify this pretty easily. Both chicks that I helped were definitely ready. The first one took a couple of hours to detach the yolk sac, but the second one just popped right out fully detached. I'm concerned though that I had to help 2 out of 4 eggs that hatched. The brahma was early and quick. Do Marans more often need assistance?
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