thin shell and now lethargic with droopy comb


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May 26, 2013
Talent, Oregon
Hi All:
My chicken is in her first season and in the past week began laying shell-less or weak shelled eggs. Tonight she is in the bottom of the coop and her comb is droopy. Two others in the flock are laying and two are molting. What should I do to help her?
Condolences MM on the loss of your hen; but if you don't mind,I would like to know what kind of
food your hen was on, and was it organic? Or, NoN-GMO?

Thank you,
They were fed organic pellet ration from our local farm supply store. Everyone else in the flock was fine. One girl went through such a heavy molt that she was staggering around for a bit. I increased their protein and she recovered.
Oh, I thought the condition might be related to diet; but, I guess not. Have you tried the "Chicken Chick" for advice? Albeit after the fact, it might help just as a good measure. Here's the "Chicken Chick's" Facebook, just in case you have not ever heard of her:
A few years's ago, one of her roos had a weird disease. She has a vast knowledge of chicken cures. She might help you.

OH btw, does Talent, OR limit you to a minimum # of birds? Talent is #1 on my list of Southern Oregon communities to look at for a rental this Spring. I haven't lived in a community in SoCal where I can have backyard chickens since 1961! I love chickens!
Even though this is an old thread, she possibly could have been egg bound, or had some sort of reproductive disorder. There have been cases of egg yolk peritonitis in hens under 1 year, although it tends to affect older hens normally. Sometimes doing a necropsy at home to just open up the abdomen will get some clues on a cause of death. You can look at the intestines inside and out, look for any stuck eggs, tumors, or infection in the abdomen. My only necropsy on a hen so far showed a gizzard blockage that caused death after looking normal in just 2 days. Sorry for your loss, Beckadidi.

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