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Scribe of Brahmalot
12 Years
May 18, 2009
This city girl and her husband bought some land and moved out to the country a little over six years ago. I never had chickens, never wanted chickens - who would want such nasty, dirty, smelly things????

Then we bought our first chickens. What kind? They were bantams. I thought that was the breed and didn't ask further. I never dreamed there were hundreds of different breeds of chickens. A chicken was a chicken! We discovered Brahmas, Marans, Cochins, Orpingtons, and a whole world of breeds. We tried a lot of them, stuck with Brahmas.

I thought eggs were either white or brown, not light tan, dark tan, medium tan, chocolate brown, green, blue, pink, etc.

I thought you had to have a rooster for your girls. Well, I now have 10, not because I still think that but because they are beautiful and funny.

Oh, and I thought roosters only crowed at sunrise - HA!

I thought chickens ate only scratch. Now I feel sorry for tree frogs and lizards!

I thought chickens were stupid, until I housebroke one and she learned to come to her name. Others have learned their names and know where the treats are. I also didn't expect such a variety of personalities.

I thought hawks and coyotes only lived in forests and ate wild things (I guess they didn't read the rule book). I didn't have a clue what raccoons and possums ate.

In a short six years I have become that "Crazy Chicken Lady." I go to farmer's markets to see what I can buy for my "feathered children." I love to sit outside and watch, usually with one or two fighting for lap space. People ask me about chickens. They come to me for advice. They come to visit my flock and to buy hatching eggs. Who would have thought?????

Oh, and by the way, when I bury my face in my chickens' feathers, I don't think they are nasty and smelly any more. They smell a little bit like what I expect heaven to smell like.
Awwww, that's beautiful! It put a huge smile on my face!!!
So sweet!! I used to be afraid to step in chicken poop, and I used to think that chickens were only vegetarians, and I used to think that a chickens was a chicken and that that was the breed if the bird, and I used to think that there were only white and brown eggs, and I used to think that roosters only crowed art the sun, and I used to think that all eggs hatched to be chicks, and I used to think that all roosters were mean, and finally I used to think that chickens were stupid and that they could never lean a thing. I used to be so stupid. This is only some of what I used to think, though...
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I know this isn't the right place to post this, but if you know a lot about Barred Rocks and Cuckoo Marans, please go to my profile and click in my thread, "Is Lacey a Cuckoo Maran???!!!"


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