Things your horse does that makes it seem that is not so smart (LOL)

I had to get a new fence put in because one of my geldings kept jumping it & would get into my neighbors' field & then their yard & he would break plants & he even spilled paint on himself xD. On top of that my mare would try to walk over the same fence & she would get 2 or 3 legs over then get one or both of her back legs stuck, & we kept having to cut her out & once she even got tangled in barb wire that we hadnt removed from the top of the fence. That was a weird incident cuz the fence was just barely higher than how far she could lift her leg, actually the fence was high enough to reach the inside of her legs, shez 14.2 hands, & she still got mostly over. Yep my horses are real geniuses
. Oh & my mares fine. She recovered after 3 months & now shez, hopefully, 7 months pregnant.

ETA: None of mine can tell the difference between straw, straw filled with chicken & duck poo & other unmensionables, & the nice green grass hay they are actually supposed to be eating
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Mine thinks that wormer is out to get her, and will stick her head up so high she hits it on the ceiling of the barn...
When she gets nervous she does a Flehmen response like this
when I have to correct her on the ground or she is pawing/pacing/running circles around me when I lead her...
AND she does it when she makes herself nervous.. its a super goofy thing!!
IT does make her look like she is not so smart...
She is known as the "bobble-head" horse, when she has to be the last horse in the group we ride with, she will bob her head and neck up and down.. AND then shimmy her
head side to side, as if something was bothering her ears or head...
At first I roached her mane, clipped her ears, hosed her down with fly spray... correcting her when she did it...
I finally gave up and do more constructive things like half halts, zig zags, and other things to keep her mind occupied.. People think she is... odd.
Kinda like her owner...we are a team that is for sure!!
I had some company over the other day and we were looking around outside and my filly decided to jump/rear up at the gate and claw at it and got her left front leg stuck on top of it for a few. She seems fine.

If she gets that excited over a couple guys.....what is she gonna do when they bring their mare this weekend?
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Tommy my quarter horse gelding likes to mess with his hood when i put it on when we get rain. He moves it over to cover his eyes and ears. Then he goes around walking into the corral back and forth. If I'm looking he keeps doing it. But once looking from. The window I found he can move it and put it back so he can see. But then if I go outside he makes it cover his eyes then calls to me like oh help me...
My step dad occasionally would bring a beer down to the corral while we were working on cleaning up or whatever. He'd set his beer up on a 5 foot post and go to work. If you weren't watching our horse, the danged horse would steal the beer. Somehow he'd pick it up with those rubbery lips and chug it. My stepdad eventually learned to drink the beer BEFORE going down there.
We have a horse that does that whenever she smells something she doesn't cigarette smoke. Though one day my son and I were out by our pond fishing and the horse came up behind me. Apparently she doesn't like my deodorant because she had her nose right by my armpit and then made that face
She also likes to lick can't park too close to the fence or, God forbid, inside the pasture or your vehicle will have horse slobber all over it

ETA: she also has a fascination with anything with wheels. Whenever my son is riding his bike down the driveway or playing with his remote control truck the horse has to be right there watching the wheels move
She likes to try and chase the remote control truck.
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