Think chick dying from same thing as one last week, choking on tounge?


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Nov 1, 2010
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Last week 5/25 I found 4 banties about 2 weeks old at the feed store. We brought them home and later that day had one acting lethargic and lots of clear slime in its mouth. It died the same day. I now have another acting the same way. There is no other symptoms, no coughing or runny nose. Just looks sleepy and keeps opening mouth to breath. I checked in both of their mouths when swabbing them and all you can see is the tip of their tounge not like normal where you see most of it. What could it be? Is it contagious? What incubates for a week? I have more standard chicks coming this week and was hoping to put them in with, but now I am scared to.
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I brought home 4 Bantams and got the same symptoms and since I was new at this I just couldn't figure t out. I beat myself up a bit because I lost two before I realized my situation sounded like Cocci. I almost lost a third Bantam but got Sulmet into them fast enough that they are all doing great now. Maybe try that? Or maybe they need some Polyvisol? I am still new at this but I am getting there. Good luck!
Maybe you could try some Polyvisol first and see if it helps and to administer the Sulmet I put it into their water. I just got some Polyvisol for my chickens and from what I read that can be administered into the water and a few drops can be dribbled into their beak.
Oh and I wanted to say that if you have more chicks coming put them in a seperate cage away from these ones so they don't get sick too. Better to be safe than sorry. I hope your chicks get better. I only had mine a day before I got completely attached to them!
Well my sister had some that had those symptoms and it was the bedding. As soon as she changed it they quit dying. But that doesn't sound like your problem. Hers looked like they where yawning all the time.

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