Think i have 2 roos not hens ?


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Jun 10, 2019
I bought these 2 chicken in 2016 shortly after my dad passed away,as it was something we both talked about doing together.
Although it didnt go to plan like we wanted i still went ahead with our plans as i felt he would want me to do it for both of us.

Since joining BYC and reading up on posts im now starting to think they could be roos ( i believed they were hens as thats want i asked for )

Can anyone please help and confirm what sex they are and breed as was told they were rangers
Thank you so much
hmmm if they are 3 years old I would think they would be either laying or crowing by now. you can look at the neck and a roosters hackles will be shiny along with the tail feathers we can't see here, a rooster will have long pointy saddle feathers. Sorry with those pictures it's really hard to tell
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