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Hi, new to this website :] I'm really worried though. I have 8 chickens including a very rare one. [French Copper Maran] I didn't know that it was straight run when I bought it though. It's bigger than the rest and has a huge crown and waddle for it's age. [they call it a waddle on a turkey but what on a chicken?] I read online that the roosters have a greenish blue sheen which is what she has. When the sun reflects on her feathers it's super beautiful. She hasn't crowed yet, and I'm not sure how old they are when they do. She's a little older than 8 weeks. If she is a rooster do u have any ideas where to take her. I live in tacoma Washington and I'd want her to be close so I could visit! Thank you! Picture is of her.
P.S. If i started a new thread in the wrong place sooo sorry. Didn't know where to ask this???:]

Most black chickens, or dark colored ones, have a green sheen even if they are a hen. My Partridge Plymouth Rock hen has a green glint in the sun. We call her "The Green Chicken"
Also black Austerlops have a green tint in the sun. But the roosters seem to have a special kind of green on their feathers. One question - does it seem a bit more aggressive? For example, did it peck you a lot as a chick? If you reach your hand at it, does it sometimes bite you? I had my Rhode Island Red rooster do that to me. Also, this night, try going into your coop, or opening your door. When I did, my rooster would run on over. I think he was trying to protect his girls. You should see a personality difference, perhaps he seems a bit, well.. Cocky??
Looks like a cockerel, has his shiny sickle feathers (those iridescent green feathers on the tail) and it looks like the hackles may be pointed.

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