Think I killed my batch


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Sep 14, 2011
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So my lovely child got into the room the eggs are in and turned up the temp. It wasn't more then 20 mins since she could have turned it up till I got in there but t was up to 115 already. We are on day 5, I don't know if I can candle them yet or not or if it is worth waiting it out.
I had one of my hatches in an LG styro jump unexpectedly and did not realize it for several hours, at day 15. I had 41 eggs in an autoturner and all but 2 were killed. The other 39 were eggtopsied and were fully developed but just dead. Never the less I returned the bator to where I boutght it and sent a very upset email to LG with no reply!!!!
I have 9 in the bator now with one due to hatch tomorrow. My temp fell to 95° for a good few hours and I couldn't get it back up without the humidity dropping to 44%. I couldnt help myself this morning and candled a couple of eggs, sadly it appears I killed all but one. This is my first attempt at hatching and all was going great until lockdiwn. Maybe next time will be better...
Shouldn't hurt it, hope they hatch!
Well so far no good news. I'm still hoping the little guy is just taking his sweet time hatching. I havent noticed any sounds or rocking of the egg but maybe, just maybe I will get lucky. I'll keep y'all posted on wednesday, that will be day 23 and if nothing has happened by then I may just accept the bad news. Good Night everyone

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