Think I may have found out what my roo is...


11 Years
Mar 2, 2008
Any thoughts???
I was flipping through the Meyer Hatchery catalog that I got in the mail yesterday and saw a picture of a rooster that looks an awful lot like mine! It says he is a Golden Buff also known as Golden Comet, Golden Sex Link, Cinnamon Queen, and Red Star. Says this hybrid strain is a leader in the brown egg market and is by far the most popular bird they sell. Roosters are white with darker wing, neck, and tail feathers.

Here is a picture of my rooster:

Here is a picture of the Golden Buff from Meyer Hatchery site:

And here is a link to my blog with 4 pictures of this hybrid from

I love him! I think he is just gorgeous! I got a straight run EE at Tractor Supply with hopes he is a roo, but the more time I spend watching the big guy, I hope the EE is a hen!! I just really wanted to have a young roo to raise so he would be more used to attention and so I would be less of a scaredy cat of him!! LOL
Red Sex Link is one of the pics that I found at that looked like him. Now I kinda hope my straight run EE is a pullet!! The more time I spend with this big guy I really like him!!

Here's to hoping Elvis (the EE) is realy an Ashley (I have 2 EE pullets named Naomi and if this one is not an Elvis I could have all 3 of the Judds!!)

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